AMSI enters into strategic collaborations that support mathematical sciences research, research training and its applications across Australia.
These collaborations foster the critical links between researchers in universities, government agencies and business; support young researchers; and seek to improve diversity by building collaboration and strong networks within the Mathematical Sciences community.
AMSI-CARMA Lecture Tour

AMSI supports the CARMA thematic semesters by providing funding for short interstate tours for international guests, public lectures, workshop funding and access to the AMSI Travel Fund.

These events will advertised to both the AMSI membership and members of the general public.

ANU Special Year

AMSI has partnered with Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University in increase national participation in the MSI Special Year program themes.

We do this by publicising these events through our extensive networks, providing access to the AMSI Travel Fund and AMSI Workshop Funding.

AustMS-AMSI Early Career Workshop

Since 2009 the AustMS-AMSI Early Career Workshop has provided a forum for 600 young academics to advance their careers in research.

Workshop participants receive advice from experts on a broad range of topics from the secrets behind grant success, to how to effectively manage time between teaching, research and administrative commitments.

Mathematics in Industry Study Group (MISG)

An annual collaboration between ANZIAM and AMSI, mathematicians and statisticians meet at the Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Study Group to help solve real life problems relevant to Australian industry.

Companies involved in the 2014 event were Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd, Centor Designs, Bechtel, Transport and Main Roads (QLD Government), CSIRO, and Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited.

“… very happy with the MISG experience. Above all the curiosity and enthusiasm across numerous applied projects was inspiring to see. … This will be very relevant into the long term future of optimising our production systems. MISG was structured and facilitated extremely well and productively.


Pia Winberg, CEO Venus Shell Systems

MPE Network

At the Mathematics of Planet Earth Australia 2013 conference participants decided to create a network to sustain and grow partnerships established during MPE Australia 2013.

The network will ensure:

  • Research collaboration between agencies and universities
  • The future supply of mathematically prepared students to the Australian workforce.

These objectives will be achieved through collaboration between agency professionals, mathematicians, statisticians, university researchers and students and bringing together the many mathematical sciences PhD graduates outside of academia with the academic community.

National Research Centre

AMSI and our partners will establish a National Research Centre (NRC) in the Mathematical Sciences. The Centre is a national collaborative venture that will support and build the mathematical sciences in Australia.

The NRC will become the premier center for collaborative research, spanning all branches of mathematical sciences and facilitating breakthroughs in mathematics leading to progress in science, technology, medicine, and economics.

Women in Maths

The Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group (WIMSIG) has been an active special interest group of the Australian Mathematical Society since early 2013.

The group aims to:

  • support women to achieve their potential in all areas of mathematics;
  • facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in mathematical careers;
  • encourage women to have active careers in the mathematical sciences.

AMSI actively seeks the participation of women and under-represented groups in AMSI’s governing bodies and in all scientific programs, workshops and events and seeks to raise awareness of WIMSIG and support the activities of the WIMSIG.

Women in Maths event will run in conjunction with AMSI’s Higher Education Winter and Summer School events.

AMSI Mission

The radical improvement of mathematical sciences capacity and capability in the Australian community through:

  • the support of high quality mathematics education for all young Australians
  • improving the supply of mathematically well-prepared students entering tertiary education by direct involvement with schools
  • the support of mathematical sciences research and its applications including cross-disciplinary areas and public and private sectors
  • the enhancement of the undergraduate and postgraduate experience of students in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines
Work with us

If you would like to propose a collaboration please contact

Chloe Pearse, Research and Higher Education Program Manager to discuss further.