How do I acknowledge sponsors?

The conference or meeting must be clearly advertised as an activity supported by AMSI and the AustMS or by AMSI and ANZIAM.

If AMSI and AustMS/ANZIAM are the major sponsor (50% or more of the event sponsorship), the event is to be entitled and promoted as The AMSI/AustMS or AMSI/ANZIAM Workshop on XYZ.

Web/digital collateral

The AMSI logo should be displayed on the event website with a link back to the Research website, if applicable the AustMS/ANZIAM logos also need to be displayed on the event website and link back to the relevant webpages.

Print media/event collateral

AMSI and AustMS/ANZIAM must be listed as sponsors (and the AMSI and AustMS logos used) on all printed publicity material, including the program provided to delegates, ANZIAM and speakers.

AMSI materials may be included in delegate bags/or made available to attendees at the event. You will receive an email from us three weeks before your event requesting numbers and confirming your postal address for this collateral should you elect to receive it.

Event logos can be downloaded here:

AMSI -­ colour logo

AustMS and ANZIAM -­ email the AustMS office for a copy of these logos

How and where does this event get advertised?

AMSI will list your event on the:

  • AMSI and AMSI Research websites
  • AMSI Workshop Poster – a printed version is mailed to all AMSI Members
  • AMSI e-news -­‐ distributed at electronically each month
  • Distribute the information via social media channels
  • List the workshop details in a yearly AMSI Research Report summary
Other methods for event organisers to use to advertise

Quick ways to spread the word:

  • Notify AustMS about your event so that it may be listed on the AustMS website (email and the AustMS Gazette (email
  • Blog posts/interviews with invited speakers published via your event website, or your organisation’s website, is a good way to promote your
  • Don’t forget to let us know so we can post the information on AMSI’s website/social media channels, the more people aware of your event the higher possible
  • Notices of the American Maths Society via
  • AustMS can supply contact details of people interested in certain fields by MS
  • The World of Statistics events


What does AMSI need to assist with promotion?

After funding is confirmed:

  • Return the signed copy of the letter which formally confirms your intention to accept workshop funding amount
  • The weblink for your event website so that we can list it in the event listing on the AMSI Research website
Why should event organisers collect registration information?

Ensure you collect all the data required for reporting. A template/list of questions can be downloaded from the link in your organiser guidelines.

Why? This information contributes to AMSI publications, program marketing and helps us to improve the workshop funding processes. Importantly, we need demographic information for our own government reporting.

We will send an email to all delegates after the event asking if they would like to receive the monthly AMSI Research and Higher Education e-news.

Why do AMSI Members get a discount on the event registration fee?

If there is a registration fee associated with attending your workshop, a condition of AMSI funding is that you provide discounted rates to participants from AMSI member institutions.

Why do event organisers need to take photos? Any tips?
Finding a photographer
  • AMSI has contacts in ACT, VIC and NSW, please email us if you would like their details
  • Alternatively contact your local university student photography club

AMSI uses these photos of funded events for its archive and for promotion of the program on social media, blog posts, flyers, Annual Reports and newsletters. The sort of photos we like to see are images of the opening, important speakers giving talks, group and some audience shots. Please provide the names and institutions of the people in the photos.

The photos should be taken in the highest quality possible on your camera (send us original photos from your camera, not versions condensed for the web) so that we can reproduce them in print. It would be even better if the photos were provided to us in .RAW file format.

Transfer a copy of the event photos into Dropbox and please provide the names and institutions of the people in the photos. AMSI will email event organisers about this post event.

  • Due to the high rate of photos being unusable due to camera shake, people blinking or moving we suggest that you should take up to 3 photos of any 1 shot.
  • Advising participants that they will be photographed, this is covered off in AMSI template registration form
When will the sponsorship funds be paid to the event organisers?

AMSI sponsorship is paid after the event on receipt of the final report within a period of 90 days.

We recommend that you speak with your department admin about setting up a workshop account and the flow of money to this account.

  • The amount of sponsorship is agreed for particular expenses, normally travel and/or accommodation for nominated invited speakers. The sponsorship cannot be transferred to alternative budget items, even if they are event
  • Since the sponsorship is based in whole or primarily on estimates of travel and accommodation costs, which include GST except for international flights, the sponsorship sum it is taken to be GST-­‐inclusive.


Why collect event feedback?

We use these feedback forms to gauge the quality of workshops being sponsored; and testimonials are also used in AMSI publications.

Download the feedback form template from the AMSI website, use these questions as either a printed form or for use via a free e-­‐survey program ie. Survey Monkey.

Who reimburses the speakers?

Reimbursement of sponsored presenters and assistance for travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the event organiser, not AMSI

How can event organisers allocate awarded funding
  • Sponsorship is based on an agreed estimate of This is the maximum amount that AMSI will pay. If the expenditure is less, then that lesser amount will be paid.
  • The organising Department invoices AMSI after the event when all expenditure is finalised, listing each item and ensuring that it does not exceed the agreed No extra GST shall be added to the invoice since GST has already been included, where applicable, in the estimation process. Details of expenses should be entered on to the supplied spreadsheet template <link>, and sent to AMSI, for approval before raising the invoice.
  • If there is a significant income expected from registration fees, such that the event income (including all sponsorships and subsidies) exceeds expenditure, then AMSI will expect a re-­‐imbursement calculated as net profit x AMSI sponsorship / total sponsorship.
Do I need to advise AMSI of any changes to the funded event?

If a speaker that AMSI has agreed to sponsor withdraws, and if you wish to make a substitution, you must negotiate this with the Chair of the AMSI Scientific Advisory It is the Scientific Advisory Committee that determines whether each supported speaker is a sufficiently noted mathematician or statistician for AMSI to sponsor.

Can event organisers use sponsorship to fund other event attendees?

AMSI’s sponsorship cannot be extended to delegates (excluding plenary speakers) from AMSI member institutions since they have access to a travel allowance provided separately by AMSI to their departments – more information

Why does AMSI need an event summary ahead of the Final Report?

Immediately after the event please send a short summary of the event for the Research & Higher Education blog on the AMSI website. (Tip – you can include this text in the full report)

This forms the basis of a Workshop Report post on the AMSI Research website. Examples can be found here

How do event organisers submit their Final Report

On completion of your event, AMSI will send you an email that will provide details about how to complete the Final Report documentation online.  Note: event organisers will have to upload a copy of the finalised event budget as part of this process. To progress with payment the event organisers need to provide a full budget on the template provided by AMSI. Once we receive this, AMSI will confirm the total amount to be requested via invoice.

Please note: for payment of sponsorship AMSI must receive the full final report and the invoice for sponsorship within 90 days of the event.