This funding is aimed at major international mathematical and statistical conferences that come to Australia. AMSI has separate support agreements with those Australian learned societies in its membership.

Available Funding

AMSI Major Conference sponsorship is unrestricted in its use as long as the criteria outlined below are met.

Major conference funding is available up to $5,000.


Application Requirements

The funding application form includes the following required fields:

  • National benefit
  • Your funding request to AMSI
  • Other sponsors of the event
  • Benefits to AMSI Members
  • A list of the main invited speakers
  • The number of likely attendees from Australia
Funding Requirements

As a sponsor of the event AMSI expects:

  • A discount applied to the registration fees for students attending from AMSI departments
  • An amount allocated to a prize for an outstanding student (from an AMSI department) presentation
  • A timetable slot for a presentation about the AMSI Industry Internship scheme
  • AMSI materials to be placed in the delegate packs
  • Room for AMSI internship and workshop posters to be placed prominently for the duration of the conference
  • Listing of our logo on all publicity material
Reporting Requirements

A final report must be submitted after the event, detailing:

  • Summary of the conference and outcomes (400-500 words)
  • Eminent speakers
  • Numbers attending
  • List of participants – if possible
  • Event program
  • Beneficiaries of our sponsorship (where applicable)

Still have questions?

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