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Senator Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training, spoke of Australian government support for bioinformatics in his opening message to the participants of AMSI BioInfoSummer 2015.

“I am sorry that I cannot be with you today at the opening of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s BioInfoSummer 2015 symposium.

Inspiring students, researchers and professionals to pursue study and careers in fields such as bioinformatics, is crucial to the future of research and innovation in Australia.

That is why the Australian Government supports events such as this and is continuing to encourage the uptake of science, technology, engineering and mathematic subjects in schools, universities, and in vocational education and training.

You are at BioInfoSummer today because you share a common goal; to learn, to build networks, to share your work and your thoughts in this fascinating and important field of bioinformatics.

This week you will participate in a series of lectures and hands-on workshops which I imagine will introduce you to new mathematical and biological concepts and enlighten you about recent bioinformatics advances in medical research.

I would like to recognise the work of AMSI in making the BioInfoSummer symposium series the success it is today, and to the presenters who will have you asking questions and stimulating your passion for research and science.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of the event sponsors: EMBL Australia, Bioplatforms Australia, the Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society and DNAnexus.

Finally, I wish you an enjoyable and valuable time as you participate in this innovative event. I am sure you will all embrace this wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, and unlock the great potential it holds for both your futures, and for all Australians.”