AMSI and AustMS provide funding for mathematical and statistical eventsJoint workshop funding rounds provide a streamlined process that only requires one application to request funding from these organisations.

There are two types of funding available:

  • Funding is available from AMSI and AustMS up to $13,500 total depending on the budget of your event
  • Major conference funding is available from AMSI up to $5000 for major international conferences that come to Australia

Funding is available for:

  • Large events – total workshop budget greater than $10,000
  • Small events – total workshop budget smaller than $10,000 and a funding request to AMSI of $5000 or less

The event should be overwhelmingly research-based, but a research-training component is acceptable.

Funding Applications Accepted

 I want to apply for funding for a….


AMSI and AustMS/ANZIAM provide funding for mathematical and statistical events. Different levels of funding are available for small events (a budget of less than $10,000) and large events (a budget of over $10,000).

Major Conference

This funding is aimed at major international mathematical and statistical conferences that come to Australia. AMSI has separate support agreements with those Australian learned societies in its membership.