AMSI-AustMS Workshop Funding

Workshop Funding

AMSI-AustMS Scientific Workshop Grants are provided to support scientific workshops in the mathematical sciences organised by staff and students from AMSI Member institutions who are AustMS members.

Note: AMSI-AustMS grants are not intended to be the primary source of funding for workshops but to supplement other sources of funding.

The AMSI Research Committee assess all applications and make recommendations for funding. The maximum grant funding available is $13.75K including GST per workshop ($10K AMSI and $3.75K AustMS).

Organisers can also nominate keynote speakers to visit the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI) for one week pre- or post-workshop. If approved, SMRI will provide the speaker with return international flights, domestic flights and up to one week’s accommodation in Sydney during their visit to SMRI.

Click here to see past events funded by AMSI and AustMS.

Applications Accepted

One funding round is held per year

2025 funding round: 3 March – 14 April

2024 funding round: 4 March – 15 April

2023 funding round: 4-31 July

Eligibility and Compliance

  • Applications are open to current staff and students based at AMSI Member Institutions only. For joint AMSI-AustMS funding, they must also be AustMS Members. Organisers must verify that data submitted on AustMS membership is complete and correct—incomplete or incorrect data may result in a reduced funding allocation
  • The research theme(s) of the workshop must fall primarily within the FOR code 49 Mathematical Sciences
  • The event must be open to all members of AMSI and the AustMS
  • A reasonable registration fee must be charged for face-to-face events, with discounts for AMSI and AustMS members (including overseas societies with reciprocal memberships – view list here). Exemptions may be made for MATRIX residential workshops.
  • Annual meetings/conferences of learned societies, recurrent national workshops and AustMS special interest group activities are not eligible for funding
  • Workshops, that have timetables which clash with the annual meetings of the AustMS and its divisions, are not eligible for funding
Selection Criteria
  • National benefit of the workshop, including opportunities for future research collaborations
  • Track record, profile and diversity of keynote speakers; including international representation and gender diversity
  • Diversity of workshop organising committee, including gender, ECR representation and geographical spread (across different AMSI Member Institutions)
  • Spread of attendees across AMSI Member Institutions
  • Measures and initiatives to boost participation of women (refer to WIMSIG for helpful resources and advice such as Advice for Event Organisers.)
  • Leveraging of other funding sources and appropriateness of budget expenditure items
Sydney Mathematical Research Institute Research Visit Program

Would your keynote speakers benefit from an SMRI research visit to coincide with your workshop?

You can nominate an international speaker to visit SMRI for one week pre- or post-workshop. If approved, SMRI will provide the speaker with return international flights, domestic flights and up to one week’s accommodation in Sydney during their visit to SMRI. Applications from female and gender-diverse speakers, and of speakers belonging to historically underrepresented groups, are especially encouraged. If you wish to nominate any speakers, tick the box when you enter their details. We will contact you post-application. Please discuss this opportunity with the speaker(s) and confirm their availability prior to nomination.

Local keynotes can apply for the Domestic Visitor Program. Applications are open on a rolling basis and must be made 2–6 months before the start of the proposed visit.

  • The meeting or conference should be advertised on the AMSI, AustMS, SSA, ADSN websites and in the AustMS Gazette
  • Organisers should contact AustMS to request a list of AustMS members who would be interested in the event’s MathSciNet codes so organisers can then issue personal and group invitations to prospective participants)
  • The event must be clearly advertised as an activity supported by AMSI and the AustMS
  • A final report describing the event and its outcomes including a participant breakdown must be submitted to AMSI Funding upon completion of the workshop (no later than 90 days post-event)
  • Attendee details (institution, career status, gender, country, residency status, AustMS member etc.) must be recorded and permission gained to share with AMSI and AustMS for anonymised reporting.
  • Portions of the final report may be used in the AustMS Gazette, AMSI website and other publications
  • Funding will be paid to the organiser’s home university upon approval of the event report by the AMSI Research Committee and AustMS Executive.
  • Successful applicants will be notified of AMSI and AustMS funding outcomes separately and provided with each organisations’ payment process.
  • If income for the event exceeds expenditure, the AMSI-AustMS funding amount will be reduced accordingly, unless an alternative prior arrangement is agreed.

How to Apply

Application Process

  • Read the Eligibility and Compliance section above
  • Read AMSI’s Organiser Guide
  • Apply for AMSI and AustMS joint funding through our online form
  • Your application will be reviewed by the AMSI Research Committee and representatives of AustMS
  • You will be notified of AMSI and AustMS funding outcomes separately
  • SMRI will contact you directly regarding applications for their visitor program
  • If successful, you must reply to indicate that you have read the Organiser Guidelines and accept the terms therein

Application Form

You will need to supply the following information:

  • Event details including name, format, location, dates, host AMSI Member Institution
  • Draft program
  • Details of each workshop organiser
  • Speaker details
  • Expected attendee breakdown (contact AustMS for a list of possible interested members)
  • Full budget including a list of all expected sponsorship sources
  • Statements addressing each of the 6 x selection criteria
  • Funding amount requested from AMSI-AustMS

View a blank application form to see what you will need to include.

The application form provides the option to save and resume your response at a later date (there is a 20–day expiry on this feature).

You should save a copy of your application for your records. Once you have entered all details and clicked SUBMIT you will be directed to a review page where you can save/print a copy of your application before clicking CONFIRM to finalise your application. You will receive an email confirmation once your application has successfully been submitted.