AMSI-AustMS Workshop Funding

Workshop Funding

AMSI and AustMS provide funding for scientific workshops. Joint workshop funding rounds provide a streamlined process that only requires one application. Applications must follow AMSI workshop guidelines. ECRs, PhD students and first-time organisers are encouraged to apply.

Organisers are invited to nominate keynote speakers to visit the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI). Learn more about this opportunity below.

Click here to see past events funded by AMSI and AustMS.

Applications Accepted

Applications in the 2023 funding round are expected to open by end of May

How We Can Support Your Workshop

All workshops receive the following:

  • Advice and endorsement from the AMSI Research Committee
  • Promotion on the AMSI and AustMS websites, to our mailing lists and on Twitter

Workshop Funding Options

AMSI and AustMS funding has two components. We can support your event in the following ways:

  • Speaker support
    • Travel and accommodation funding for approved keynote speakers. A clear case must be made for each of the speakers based on their impact on the field.
  • Discretionary support
    • Up to 20% of the approved funds can be used as discretionary support for other speakers (including those approved) EXCLUDING per diems, business/first-class airfares, registration and catering
      Note: If using discretionary funding on speaker expenses the limits outlined in the Funding Restrictions below must still be followed.
Small Event (Budget less than $10,000) $3,000 $5,000
Large Event (Budget greater than $10,000) $ 3,500 $10,000
Sydney Mathematical Research Institute Research Visit Program

Would your keynote speakers benefit from an SMRI research visit to coincide with your workshop?

You can nominate an international speaker to visit SMRI for one week pre- or post-workshop. If approved, SMRI will provide the speaker with return international flights, domestic flights and up to one week’s accommodation in Sydney during their visit to SMRI. Applications from female and gender-diverse speakers, and of speakers belonging to historically underrepresented groups, are especially encouraged. If you wish to nominate any speakers, tick the box when you enter their details. We will contact you post-application. Please discuss this opportunity with the speaker(s) and confirm their availability prior to nomination.

Local keynotes can apply for the Domestic Visitor Program. Applications are open on a rolling basis and must be made 2–6 months before the start of the proposed visit.

Eligibility and Compliance

Organisers & Application
  • Applications open to staff and students at AMSI Member Institutions only
  • Proposals are judged on a competitive basis by AMSI’s Research Committee, and representatives of AustMS
  • To aid with communication between AMSI and the organising committee, a lead applicant must be identified
  • Committees comprising three or more organisers must represent several AMSI Member Institutions and include at least one woman, AustMS member and early-career researcher (exceptions may be made for PhD-organised events)
  • Applications must include a detailed budget and indicate other sources of sponsorship
  • Organisers must verify that data submitted on AustMS membership is complete and correct—incomplete or incorrect data may result in a reduced funding allocation
  • View a blank application form here to see what you will need to include (applications must be submitted via the online form)
  • When applying, you can save your form response and return to it later
  • You will be notified of AMSI and AustMS funding outcomes separately
Event Registration
  • The event must be open to all members of AMSI, AustMS and divisions
  • Registration fees must be charged for face-to-face events; the minimum registration fee, before applicable discounts, should normally be $25 per day (exemptions may be made for MATRIX residential workshops)
  • Discounted rates must be offered to AMSI members, and members of AustMS and its affiliates (incl. minimum 20% reduction for members of AustMS, with a further reduction for members of the Society who have free membership or pay the reduced-rate subscription)
  • AustMS is currently offering new reciprocal memberships to members of overseas cognate societies for two years at the price of one year. See here for the list of cognate societies. Please allow for an extra registration category, to be charged at an ordinary AustMS member rate: ‘member of approved cognate society having applied for reciprocal membership of AustMS’. More information available in the Organiser Guide
  • Attendee details (title, name, institution, career status, gender, country, residency status etc.) must be recorded and permission gained to share with AMSI for confirmation of attendance and anonymised reporting
  • Please use the template for collecting attendee information found here
  • The meeting or conference should be advertised on the AMSI, AustMS, SSA and American Mathematical Society websites and in the AustMS Gazette
  • The event must be clearly advertised as an activity supported by AMSI and the Australian Mathematical Society
National Benefit & Diversity
  • National benefit of the event must be clearly identified in the application
  • Female keynote speakers should be included
  • At least one international speaker should be included in the program
  • 50% of domestic attendees must be from three or more AMSI Member Institutions outside the host university
  • Organisers should contact AustMS to request a list of AustMS members who would be interested in the event’s MathSciNet codes so organisers can then issue personal and group invitations to prospective participants
  • Detailed measures that you will take to boost female participation in the event should be clearly identified in the application
  • Childcare information should be provided to potential registrants
Funding Restrictions
  • AMSI and AustMS do not generally fund recurrent national workshops; seed funding to establish new series is possible and a case must be made for the individual workshop—please contact AMSI before making an application
  • Recurrent international workshops that visit Australia from time to time may be supported, but a case must be made for the individual workshop—please contact AMSI before making an application
  • Funding will not be granted for annual meetings/conferences of learned societies
  • Because AustMS provides an annual subvention to support regular meetings held by Special Interest Groups, an AustMS contribution will not normally be provided to workshop applications made by AustMS Special Interest Groups
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will support be provided to face-to-face events near the time of an AustMS Annual Conference being held in another city
  • Speaker support can be only used for the travel and accommodation expenses of approved invited speakers
  • A clear case must be made for each of the speakers based on their impact on the field; speaker seniority is not a necessary condition of support
  • AMSI and AustMS will pay up to the total amount of the economy airfare for speakers attending workshops of at least two days in length
  • For a workshop of N days we will pay at most N+1 nights’ accommodation
  • AMSI and AustMS approval is required for changes to funded speakers
  • Discretionary spending can be used on expenses directly related to the workshop but NOT on per diems or business-class fares (typically this amount will be around 15–20% of the approved total)
  • Organisers may negotiate with funded speakers to free up discretionary money when required
  • Our rules linking workshop duration to N+1 nights’ accommodation must be respected in the use of these discretionary funds
  • If income for the event exceeds expenditure, the AMSI-AustMS funding amount will be reduced accordingly, unless an alternative prior arrangement is agreed
  • A financial statement and event report must be submitted upon completion of the workshop
  • A list of attendees and a demographic profile must also be submitted on the template provided post-event
  • Please use the reporting templates provided here
  • Event reports and documentation must be sent to AMSI Funding within 90 days post-event
  • Portions of your final report may be used in the AustMS Gazette, AMSI website and other publications

How to Apply

Application Process

1. Read the Eligibility and Compliance section above

2. Read AMSI’s Organiser Guide

3. Apply for AMSI and AustMS joint funding through our online form

4. Your application will be reviewed by the AMSI Research Committee and representatives of AustMS

5. You will be notified of AMSI and AustMS/ANZIAM funding outcomes separately

6. If successful, you must reply to indicate that you have read the Organiser Guidelines and accept the terms therein

7. If you wish to change your funded speakers, you must contact AMSI and AustMS as soon as possible for the amendment to be approved

Application Form

You will need to supply the following information:

  • Contact details of each workshop organiser
  • Workshop information including its significance and national benefit
  • Your strategies to increase women’s participation in the event (contact WIMSIG for advice)
  • Details of the speakers for whom you are requesting funding including contact details & research interests
  • Details of other key speakers 
  • Number breakdown of expected attendees (contact AustMS for a list of possible interested members)
  • Full budget including a list of all expected sponsorship sources
  • Draft program

View a blank application form here to see what you will need to include.

The application form provides the option to save and resume your response at a later date (there is a 20–day expiry on this feature).

Submit Your Application