Access more subjects online

AMSI’s online learning program fosters collaboration between Australian universities, students and lecturers using digital technology to foster innovation in teaching, learning and research in the mathematical sciences. Students have access to a diverse range of third-year undergraduate and honours/masters-level subjects, supplementing the curriculum at their home universities.

Online learning

AMSI ACE Network honours and masters subjects

The AMSI ACE Network allows students to participate for credit towards their degree, in a broader range of specialised honours/masters-level mathematical sciences subjects than on offer at their home university. Up to 20 online subjects are offered yearly over two semesters, providing access to leading academics and facilitating more honours and masters completions in the mathematical sciences.

This program is also an excellent opportunity for early-career researchers and industry professionals looking to upskill!

AMSI Third-year undergraduate collaboration

AMSI’s online learning program has been expanded to include specialised third-year undergraduate subjects in the mathematical sciences open for cross-institutional enrolment at AMSI Member universities. This scheme provides students with access to a wider range of specialised subjects than on offer at their home university. Enrolment processes are managed by each university per existing cross-institutional study policies.

Online learning