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From June 2016 we will be offering short courses aimed at PhD students and academic researcher sover our new ACE Network, if you are interested in giving a short course we want to hear from you!

Courses can be tightly focussed or a more general overview of a topic – a great opportunity to share your research expertise. The duration of the short course can be anywhere from an intensive 3 days to a distributed 3 weeks. The lecturer is responsible for delivering the content, AMSI will organise and coordinate marketing, enrolments, and Visimeet access . Courses are not for credit – no exam setting or marking is required.

The only limit is that the course would have to be delivered in the common non-teaching period to prevent clashes with the delivery of Honours courses through the ACE network in teaching periods. Of course, if you are interested in offering a short course next summer or next year, we would love to hear from you as well.

More information on AMSI ACE Short Courses here.

For further information and communicating your expression of interest, please contact Maaike Wienk at