In CHOOSEMATHS grant winner profiles

Busayasachee Puang-Ngern

Macquarie University

AMSI Optimise 2017 was a useful conference plus workshop. I enjoyed all presentations and workshops as they broaden my knowledge of real world problems. I now have a better understanding on how the statistical modelling/ mathematical theory can be used in optimization problems in industries such as water supply, logistics and electrical power. I also learned the basics of new software.

The quality of the presentations impressed me. Most presentations were very professional and easy to follow even if I did not have the background in those topics. In addition, the professional speakers were generous with sharing their knowledge and experiences which I found particularly useful for junior researchers.

I think the best part of this event was gaining new connections. As it was a small-medium sized conference it was conducive to meeting new people and the timetable included lots of networking opportunities which helped me to improve my social skills. The connections that I made over the course of this event were not only academic professors, but also professional staff from the corporate and government sectors.

Attending this event provided me a good experience and was very useful to my future career as a researcher and a lecturer. I am thankful for receiving a ChooseMATHS Grant as without this funding I would not have had the opportunity to attend AMSI Optimise.