Female participation in the mathematical sciences has always been low, but in the last decade the number and proportion of female honours students has declined even further. Moreover, if it wasn’t for international students, the number and proportion of female PhD students would be in decline as well.  So what is causing this decline in interest from Australian female students in pursuing research and higher degrees in mathematics and statistics? This forum aims to start a discussion in the mathematical community about addressing this issue. The panel members will discuss their own experiences as students and academics, and reflect on what measures work, and don’t work, in their opinion. Whether you are an undergraduate, research or higher degree student, or an academic employed in the mathematical sciences, come and join the discussion!

Discussion leader: Associate Professor Yvonne Stokes (Chair, Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group; University of Adelaide) PRESENTATION PDF

Confirmed speakers:

Professor Peter Bouwknegt, (Director Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian National University) PRESENTATION PDF

Associate Professor Inge Koch (AMSI CHOOSEMATHS Executive Director; University of Adelaide) PRESENTATION PDF

Ms Courtney Darville (Honours student in Pure Mathematics, University of Sydney) PRESENTATION PDF

Professor Cheryl Praeger (Professor of Mathematics, University of Western Australia) PRESENTATION PDF

Ms Rheanna Mainzer (PhD student in Statistics, La Trobe University) PRESENTATION PDF


This forum is broadcast via the AMSI ACE Network which means it is delivered as a videoconference, using Visimeet. To participate in this event:

  1. Book your local ACE facilities, if available (see here for a list of Mathematical Sciences departments with ACE facilities), OR
  2. If you don’t have ACE facilities available locally, contact Maaike Wienk at ace@amsi.org.au for a guest Visimeet licence which allows you to access the seminar from your desktop or laptop.
  3. If you are based in Melbourne, you are very welcome to come and join us at AMSI, building 161, Monash Road, University of Melbourne

Important: Please contact Maaike Wienk at AMSI to notify her you will be attending the seminar.