Wearable sensor data acquisition and computing has the potential to be a revolution in public health, for they provide much more accurate measurement across a period of time. Wearable sensor also generates complex data that needs careful thought to be analysed. In this seminar, I will present recent research work based on accelerometer measured physical activity data, which provide a reliable and valid estimate of energy expenditure. In this study, accelerometer data was collected for 7 consecutive days during school term times (October-June) and was defined using Signal Magnitude Vectors. I will describe in detail analysing these complex data in a longitudinal data analysis frame and functional data analysis frame separately and present some of the research results from this analysis.

How to participate in this seminar:

1. Book your nearest ACE facility;

2. Notify the seminar convenor at La Trobe University  (Andriy Olenko) to notify you will be participating.

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