In AMSI scholarship recipient

Fatemeh Ansarizadeh

Swinburne University of Technology


I got my B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Electronics in 2007. My Engineering degree was so helpful in getting my first job in manufacturing. After three years of job experience, I pursued my education and in 2013 gradated in M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, telecommunications. These all were achieved in Iran. My PhD in Australia was fruitful and I was conferred by Maryam Mirzakhani Award from Australian Mathematician Society.

Can you give me a quick overview of the type of mathematics you are studying and its potential impacts for the broader community:

What I am focusing on is mathematical biology, which tries to model some interaction among different types of cells in the body. It can be used in health issues by modelling diseases as well. This way, instead of running different experiments on animal models, we can run the code we have written to see the impact of changes. These so-called mathematical experiments are much less expensive and reduces the burden on the society.

You received a CHOOSEMATHS Grant to assist your attendance at AMSI Winter School 2019. How important was this in terms of your ability to attend and fully participate in the sessions throughout the program?

I appreciate considering me eligible for this grant. In fact, without CHOOSEMATHS Grant it was impossible for me to be able to attend this Winter School. Since the location was near CBD and consequently expensive, It was not affordable for a student especially for 2 weeks. The accommodation was in walking distance from QUT and I could get there easily and go home for lunch. All in all, everything was planned in a way to make it possible attending all classes

In what ways has the experience impacted your maths studies? Has it influenced the direction of your research?

I have already submitted my PhD thesis and I wish I had the chance to attending such programs sooner since I found some the courses very close to my research and applying them could improve my work. I suggest students in their first year to attend to make the most of such programs.

What was the most valuable part of AMSI Winter School 2019 for you in terms of furthering your career in mathematical sciences?

In my opinion, the talk regarding APR was so helpful. I have heard attending such internships paves the way for future career. The presenter had great explanation and even provided me with the email of corresponding person in Melbourne.

A panel session on the APR Intern program was included on the first day of the program. One of the aims of the program is to maximise employability and help prepare research graduates to drive industry/private sector research. Are you hoping to work with industry? How important is this experience for researchers? Particularly in terms of offering career flexibility for women?

I found this part of gathering the most influential section.

Did you always want to pursue a career in maths? Were you encouraged to study these subjects at school? Do any particular mentors come to mind? Any outstanding teachers?

Math was always my favourite subject in school. I was successful in Math and had several achievements in this field. In high school I was always among the best students at school and many time got presents within whole province. Additionally, couple of month ago I was awarded by Maryam Mirzakhani ward by the Australian Mathematician Society, which was prestigious to me

Winter School in 2020? Should they apply and why?

If a student asks me regarding attending the Winter School, I will definitely suggest them to take it but under the condition they are ready to dedicate their whole time to it. I found it totally different from attending a conference since it takes your whole day time. If a student is eager, there is plenty of opportunity there for extending their network specially in public talks.

What advice would you give to a student who is preparing/packing for their first Winter School program? What can they expect? What would you do differently if you participated in the program again?

Based on my experience in QUT accommodation, just packing personal things is enough. All necessary stuff, even notebook and pen, were provided. Taking laptop is a must for both lecturing and tutorial class.