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The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) congratulates members of the mathematical sciences community elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.

Professors David Balding, Kerry Landman, David Karoly and Alexander Molev were among 22 Australian Scientists honoured this week for their work in mathematics spanning genetics, climate science and biology.

AMSI Director Professor Tim Brown said it was pleasing to see public recognition of the cross-discipline impact of their work and impact on global discovery.

“The careers of these four outstanding mathematical and statistical scientists highlight the importance and impact of the discipline across all areas of discovery,” he said.

2019 Mathematics and Statistics Australian Academy of Science Fellows:

Professor David Balding FAA, The University of Melbourne
A research pioneer and co-developer of the Balding-Nichols match probability formulae, David’s work has significantly contributed to methods for inferring demographic history and genetic association analysis. His work played a role in a high-profile international criminal case.

Professor Kerry Landman FAA, The University of Melbourne
Kerry’s outstanding contributions to applied and industrial mathematics have transformed discovery and understanding across many fields including the biological sciences. Notably, she has developed a broad spectrum of inventive models to understand interactions between complex processes to produce experimentally observed behaviour.

Professor David Karoly FAA, CSIRO
A world leading climate dynamics and climate change pioneer and communicator, David’s work has had profound impact on how climate change is detected and attributed, most recently for extreme weather events. Notably he was the first to link El Niño–Southern Oscillation events and variations of the Southern Hemisphere circulation.

Professor Alexander Molev FAA, The University of Sydney
A globally respected pure mathematician and expert on the application of ‘Yangians’ to solve open problems, Alexander’s research has transformed understanding of algebra, representation theory, algebraic combinatorics and mathematical physics. His book Yangians and Classical Lie Algebras is widely viewed as the definitive monograph in the field.

AMSI congratulates all 22 outstanding Australian scientific leaders honoured by the as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science this week.

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