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Harini Desiraju

    University of Sydney

Where are you in your career?

I am a postdoc at the University of Sydney. I am primarily interested in integrable systems and conformal field theories. 

Why do you want to attend the HLF?

It is an event that presents unique opportunities such as institute visits, workshops, and panels covering a wide range of topics in mathematics and computer science. I particularly enjoyed visiting the Heidelberg Experimental Geometry Lab where they model several mathematical structures. 

Tell us about your research.

My research is at the intersection of mathematics and physics, focusing on the concept of integrability. Integrable systems are characterized by their abundant symmetries and intricate geometric structures. In my work, I develop analytic and geometric methods to investigate various aspects of a prevalent class of integrable equations known as the Painlevé equations. Additionally, I explore the relationship between the Painlevé equations and conformal field theories, which are field theories possessing conformal symmetry. 

If you could meet any Fields Medalist or Abel Prize winner, which would it be and why?


9th Heidelberg Laureate Forum Report