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CHOOSEMATHS Grant recipient profile: Jiru Han

Jiru Han

The University of Melbourne

I recently commenced my PhD in Melanie Bahlo’s laboratory (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research), where my project will involve the development of analysis pipelines of diverse genomic data from Plasmodium. This project will require knowledge of bioinformatics, mathematical and computational biology. Attending BioInfoSummer was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my bioinformatics skills and network with other postgraduate students and researchers.

Can you give me a quick overview of the type of mathematics you are studying and its potential impacts for the broader community?

I am studying statistical mathematics and the development of analysis pipelines.

You attended AMSI BioInfoSummer, what drew you to this event? What was the most valuable part of AMSI BioInfoSummer for you in terms of furthering your career in mathematical sciences?

I attended AMSI BioInfoSummer to develop my bioinformatic skills. The most valuable part of the conference for me was being able to network with other postgraduate students and researchers.

You received a CHOOSEMATHS Grant to assist your attendance at AMSI BioInfoSummer. How important was this in terms of your ability to attend and fully participate in the sessions throughout the week? How did you hear about the grant?

Receiving a CHOOSEMATHS Grant to attend BioInfoSummer gave me a chance to meet people from different academic backgrounds who I may never have met otherwise.

How important are initiatives such as the CHOOSEMATHS Grants in terms of fostering the participation and achievement of women in mathematics, particularly in terms of access to networking opportunities and further training opportunities?

Initiatives like CHOOSEMATHS are very important to women as it provides the opportunity to expand professional relationships and skills as well as connect to people from different academic backgrounds.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years time?

Using mathematical sciences, computational tools and techniques to better understand the disease mechanisms.

Any other feedback/comments you would like to provide on the CHOOSEMATHS grant or AMSI BioInfoSummer?

Many thanks. It’s a great honour to receive this grant.