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The AMSI Summer School 2016 included a series of lunchtime lectures. Professor Jerzy Filar (Flinders University) discusses a career in mathematics.


This talk discusses the following questions/issues about a career in mathematics:
• Why be a mathematician
• PhD supervisors want the best for you, so be kind to them
• Industry versus Academia
• Applied versus Pure (or does it matter?)
• Depth versus Breadth (or does it matter?)
• Learning from your failures
• Mathematical models and product stewardship
• Amadeus & football


Jerzy is a broadly trained applied mathematician with research interests spanning a spectrum of both theoretical and applied topics in Operations Research, Optimisation, Game Theory, Applied Probability and Environmental Modelling.  He co-authored three research level books and approximately 100 refereed research papers. Jerzy is fascinated by the ever expanding impact of mathematics on human society and its dual role as the science that explains both magnitude and relationships. He will comment briefly on the power and limitations on mathematical models, and will also comment on the joy and excitement of a mathematical career.