Professor Ingo Müller was the 2007/08 AMSI-MASCOS Lecturer.

Professor Müller’s expertise is in thermodynamics. From 1979 until his retirement in 2005 he was professor of technical thermodynamics at the Technical University Berlin. He developed Extended Thermodynamics, which is essentially a thermodynamic theory of irreversible processes in rarefied gases; the theory is characterised by attractive mathematical properties such as symmetric hyperbolic field equations.

Professor Müller was awarded the Leibniz Award of the German Science Foundation in 1988 and the International Award for Theoretical Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of Turin.

AMSI–MASCOS sponsored his visit to Australia in November–December 2007. Prof. Müller was keynote speaker at the AMSI–MASCOS Theme Program Concepts of Entropy and their Applications, he then delivered customised lectures at nine universities across Australia.

Tour dates:

13 – 21 November


  • Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Rubber
  • Socio-thermodynamics — Integration and Segregation in a Population
  • Entropy and Energy — a universal Competition
  • Thermomechanics of Shape Memory Alloys– Phenomena, Simulation and Applications
  • Bi-axial Deformation of a Rubber Sheet– a Case of “Buckling in Tension”
  • Heat Conduction between concentric cylinders in rarefied gases — an Application of Extended Thermodynamics
  • Rubber Balloons —  Prototypes of Hysteresis
  • The terroristic Nimbus of Entropy – and other fanciful Stories from the early history of thermodynamics

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