Professor Denise Lievesley, Kings College London, was the 2010 AMSI Lecturer.

Professor Lievesley is one of the UK’s leading social statisticians, and has campaigned for evidence‑based development of public policy within the UK and abroad.

She has had a distinguished career, including the posts of founding Chief Executive of the English Information Centre for Health and Social Care; Director of Statistics at UNESCO, where she established its new Institute for Statistics; and Director of the UK Data Archive. Most recently she was a special advisor for the UN African Centre for Statistics, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Professor Lievesley was the plenary speaker at the SSAI meeting in December and then undertook a lecture tour around AMSI member universities and government agencies.

Tour dates: 13 – 20 December


  • Values and virtues in a statistical agency
  • The role of an International Statistician
  • The power of comparative data
  • Building Trust in Official Statistics
  • Getting data used
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