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AMSI grant recipient profile: Yining Ding

Yining Ding

The University of Sydney

In 2022, Yining obtained a BSc in Applied Mathematics at The University of Melbourne. Furthermore, in 2023 he received an Honours degree with the University Medal in Financial Mathematics at the University of Sydney. From March 2023 to the present, Yining is now a PhD student in Financial Mathematics and teaching assistant at The University of Sydney with Prof. Marek.

Provide a quick overview of the type of mathematics you are studying, and/or the aims of your research and its potential applications/outcomes.

In my PhD studies in Financial Mathematics, I am delving into various mathematical techniques such as stochastic calculus and financial modelling of interest rates. My research aims to sophisticated models to analyse financial markets and evaluate risks. The potential applications of my work are widespread, including pricing financial derivatives, managing portfolio risk, and providing insights for investment decisions. In simple words, I use advanced mathematics to understand and predict financial market behaviours, helping businesses and individuals make better financial choices.

How did you get into the mathematical sciences? Was there someone or something that inspired you to this field?

My passion for doing a PhD in mathematics was fuelled by inspiring professors during my honours studies. I was introduced to financial mathematics through elective courses given by Prof. Marek Rutkowski, where I discovered its challenging and intellectually stimulating nature.

Winter School is designed to give students a deeper understanding of their area of research and expose them to others working in different fields/industries. Tell me about your Winter School experience. What was the most valuable part of the program for you?

My Winter School experience was exceptional. The most valuable part of the program was the exposure to well-organised lectures and the Winter School’s networking aspect allowed me to connect with like-minded peers and potential collaborators from diverse backgrounds and industries.

What was your main take away/s from AMSI Winter School? Something you learnt? A connection you made? Do you have new ideas for your work/research or see it in a new light?

From AMSI Winter School, I gained valuable insights into the latest research trends and methodologies in bio-modelling. The connections I made with researchers and industry experts provided new perspectives on my own research.

You received a grant to attend AMSI Winter School. How important was this in terms of your ability to attend, fully participate in the program and meet others studying in similar fields?

The grant I received to attend AMSI Winter School was important in facilitating my participation. It eased the financial burden associated with such events and enabled me to fully engage in the program.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying for Winter School? How would you describe the conference to them?

To someone considering applying for Winter School, I would advise thoroughly researching the program’s offerings. The conference offers a great opportunity to immerse oneself in the mathematical sciences community, gain exposure to diverse research areas, and establish connections with potential mentors and collaborators.

Where do you want the mathematical sciences to take you? Where do you see yourself in five, ten years time?

In the mathematical sciences, I envision myself becoming a researcher in financial mathematics fields. In five to ten years, I see myself contributing to research, publishing influential papers.

Any other feedback/comments you would like to provide on the travel grant or AMSI Winter School?

I am grateful for the travel grant and the opportunity to attend AMSI Winter School. The support provided was essential for me to make the most of this enriching experience. The program’s organization and the quality of Optiver speakers were commendable.