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Dr Norman Do is a self-proclaimed mathematics geek, and lecturer at Monash University. He often finds himself asking “what shape is that, how can I define it and what can it teach me about the world at large?” Before Norman answered those questions at the public lecture: “The hitchhiker’s guide to geometry” he spoke with ABC Newcastle 1233’s Jill Emberson about hosting a night out on maths and geometry.

In the interview Norman talks about why he loves to study and teach mathematics, his ideas on how to inspire more people to study mathematics and the varied jobs out there for mathematicians. “We need to encourage people to take on challenges, do hard things and gain a sense of self-worth from learning,” Norman said. “We need to celebrate our mathematical heroes like Terry Tao and we need to understand that if you’re a mathematician you can work behind the scenes in jobs as varied as biochemistry, government departments, animation and finance.”

Norman’s public lecture was part of the University of Newcastle’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and was the outreach component of AMSI’s Summer School 2015. Find out about AMSI’s Summer School 2015: