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NEWCASTLE, TUESDAY 13 JANUARY, 2015: We are surrounded by space. And there are lots of things in that space. Have you ever wondered how these things are classified as shapes or objects? People who study geometry are primarily concerned with the nature of these shapes – how should they be defined, what can they teach us about our world?

Now, geometry is crucial to many areas: from abstract mathematics to architecture to astronomy to biology, and almost everything in between. Classically, it comes in two forms: plane geometry (flat shapes like lines, squares, circles, triangles) and solid geometry (three dimensional objects like cubes, spheres, cylinders, pyramids).

Dr Norman Do is a self-proclaimed mathematics geek, and lecturer at Monash University; he often finds himself asking, “What shape is that?” At this free public lecture in Newcastle, Norman will guide you in the use of familiar one- and two-dimension geometrical concepts to understand and visualise objects defined in three or more dimensions.

These ideas will be used to explore the intricate relationship between geometry, algebra and theoretical physics – DON’T PANIC, the only prerequisite needed is your imagination.

This public lecture is part of the University of Newcastle’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and is the outreach component of AMSI’s Summer School 2015.

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Who:       Dr Norman Do, Lecturer and DECRA Research Fellow, School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University

When:     Friday, 16 January 2015, refreshments from 19:00hrs, talk starts at 19:30hrs

Where:    Harold Lobb Concert Hall, Newcastle Conservatorium, corner Auckland and Laman Streets, Newcastle



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Dr Norman Do

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Stephanie Pradier


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