By Shane Henry, The University of Melbourne Arson is a major issue in Australian summers, particularly in Victoria, where there have been approximately 5,000 maliciously lit fires per year since [...]

What are numbers?

By Aiden Suter, The University of Queensland As we grow, we become familiar with many types of numbers ranging from fractions to irrational numbers such as π. The first type of numbers we [...]

Can We Hear Equations?

By Alexander Stokes, The University of Sydney One of the most thrilling things about doing mathematics at any level is seeing how a problem transforms when you think about it in different ways. [...]

Just Cause

By Dimitrio Sidi, University of Western Australia There is a popular video game series called Just Cause where players control a character whose objective is to liberate towns from the rule of an [...]

The World we Live in

By Haris Sahovic, Monash University In human history, mathematics has never been as important as it is today. It has a direct impact on the majority of our everyday lives, as citizens and [...]